Weekly Insights: Winter

It’s been such a sunny winter this year in Bulgaria. At times it didn’t even feel like winter. Or Christmas for that matter. I can’t remember a Christmas without snow, yet this one was. It felt more like spring rather than a snowy weather. Normally this wouldn’t bother me, but I love winter. When I […]

Weekly Photo:Closer

I took this little photo here a couple of days ago. I was out running errands and, as always, my head was in the clouds. Fortunately that habit of mine allows me to stumble upon mini treasure such as this one. The reason I find this shot rather fascinating is the details. For a picture […]

Weekly Photo: Rainy days

Ah, how I love the coming of autumn. The chilling nip of the morning air, the freshness of it all, the vibrant colours decorating the tree-tops, the gentle winds that comb your hair. Sigh, it really gets to me. The rain, however, is an entirely different story. Well, not quite, but I would like to […]