Weekly Insights: Winter

It's been such a sunny winter this year in Bulgaria. At times it didn't even feel like winter. Or Christmas for that matter. I can't remember a Christmas without snow, yet this one was. It felt more like spring rather than a snowy weather. Normally this wouldn't bother me, but I love winter. When I …


Weekly Photo: Sunny days

It's November, which means rainy days, cloudy mornings and chilled nights. Even so, every once in a while we receive a nice surprise of warmth when the sunny days come back. Happy November, people 🙂


Sometime we'll chase dreams. We'll be fine. We'll let the stars guide our path and the moon romance our time. ~~~~~~~~*~~~~~~~~ A rather short entry, but I feel it filled with mystery. I've been finding it hard to put my thoughts to life using the right words lately. But I'm trying. And I'll keep trying …