Weekly Photo: Rainy days

Ah, how I love the coming of autumn. The chilling nip of the morning air, the freshness of it all, the vibrant colours decorating the tree-tops, the gentle winds that comb your hair. Sigh, it really gets to me. The rain, however, is an entirely different story. Well, not quite, but I would like to focus on that aspect of autumn tonight. I adore the rain. Although I might not stand under it as much as I’d like, I very much enjoy the sound it creates, drumming on the window, on the pavement, on the rooftops etc. And, I’m sure not with only myself, it evokes a sense of calm inside me.


Then there’s the rain in pictures. Captured in different frames, it can help you view the world through a lens of fantasy. To me, it feels like flowing into another world filled with endless possibilities. And I’m talking about options such as flying, changing the colour of your eyes by will, teleportation and so on and so forth. A world filled with magic.

And now to return ourselves to the real one, I know I have not posted in a long while now. That has quite a lot to do with the fact that my photography skills stretch as far as my camera-which at the moment is just on my phone. Now, said phone has taken a turn for the worse and until I manage to obtain a new one, I am afraid these posts will be rather a shortcoming. Although I will be sad to part with it, it must be done for the sake of greater good. So to speak.

Until next time and enjoy your browsing! 🙂


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