Weekly Photo: Macro Photography

Macro photography is a very interesting aspect for me. The exposure of the details in still life as well as nature is incredibly fascinating. I could look at those types of photos all day. This is why I decided today’s post to be on this particular topic.

I, myself, have tried a couple of times to create such pictures. But I don’t have the means to do so, thus my work always comes out more zoomed rather than a macro shot. However, the focus won’t be on me today. Instead, I would like to bring out some great macro photographers from around the world. The first picture you see above is taken by an Indonesian photographer who goes by the name Shikhei Goh . As you can see he does a great job at capturing motion and detail. His works are vibrant and some even carry the essence of magic around them.

The next photographer is from Bulgaria, called Krasimir Matarov.

His works give off a mysterious vibe as if they come right out of a fantasy book. They could well be used as the base for creating a short fantasy or children’s tale.

Carlo Galliani is an Italian photographer whose works are very well refined. I especially like these two photos:

Why? Because I love nature and I love water, and combining them decides it for me. He uses unconventional angles to make his photos look a lot more interesting. As you can see, he succeeds greatly at that.

Until next time.


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