Weekly Insights: Differences

The first time I grew the courage to post one of my photos online was about two years ago. Back then I simply wanted to share my achievements and hopefully get some constructive criticism on my work in order to improve myself. Back then the goal was just to post and get feedback. Nothing less, nothing more.


Today, my motives have changed. I no longer am just sharing my pictures for feedback, I’m sharing them because it feels like sharing a little bit of sunshine with everyone else. Which is why I try to write short descriptions or stories with every photo that I post. Adding them brings the photos more life, they become more vibrant.

The point of view changes with time, which is why I decided it is important to accent on that with my experience. It’s also important to observe yourself and your success and failures through time, because who knows what you might find. Differences can uncover hidden meanings.

Until next time.



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