Sunday Relaxation

After a night of living life to its fullest, I just want a day to myself. A quiet, tranquil day that will get me back on my feet, ready for socialization again once it’s through. A day that’s just for myself. A day where I could grab a wonderful book and shy away from the world in order to restore myself.


Because no matter how much people tell you that life is spectacular and that you should take advantage of every situation, be young, wild and free- no one seems to mention that by the end of the day you feel like you’ve been run over. Don’t get me wrong, life is amazing, however, I’m just saying that it’s tiring as well. Which, actually, might not be a bad thing either. At least not for all the time.

So maybe just remember that you can, by all means, do your best at enjoying the ride, but you will need some healing as well. Until then, you could simply enjoy your browsing!



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