Weekly Photo: Suzi Eszterhas

Happy Monday everybody. Gosh, I feel so tired, but never mind that, because I have an amazing person to show you all. Someone who will, hopeful, turn your Monday frown upside down. Welcome, Suzi Eszterhas! Suzi Eszterhas is an award-winning wildlife photographer best known for her work documenting newborn animals and family life in the […]

Weekly Insights: Calligraphy

I started doing calligraphy a while ago. I’m not a pro at it, however, I don’t think I’m quite bad either. HOwever, the style for writing fascinated me immensely. hence why I decided my first post of Weekly Insights to be on the topic of calligraphy. The term may derive from the Greek words for […]


Sometime we’ll chase dreams. We’ll be fine. We’ll let the stars guide our path and the moon romance our time. ~~~~~~~~*~~~~~~~~ A rather short entry, but I feel it filled with mystery. I’ve been finding it hard to put my thoughts to life using the right words lately. But I’m trying. And I’ll keep trying […]